The Funder of Champions

Products and Services


Our programs offer a flexible approach to funding through the Full Doc, Lo Doc and No Doc range, with features such as:

  • 100% LVR’s
  • 95% Land Loans.
  • No additional loadings on Land and Construction Loans.
  • ATM Access to funds.
  • Ability to deposit at Post Offices.
  • Internet and Telephone Banking.
  • Offset accounts.
  • worldwide access to funds

We provide products that meet all sectors of the market, with options to suit most borrowers.

In order to find out more about our products contact our Head Office.


At Paladin we also realise that your business may need additional assistance and through our extensive range of Business Associates we can also offer:

  • IT Support
  • Web Design
  • Public Relationship matters
  • Marketing and Print Media assistance
  • Loan processing assistance
Special Note – features and availability vary from product to product, please contact us for full details.